History of the Ajax logo

The Ajax logo as we know it today, has not always been around. During the more than 97 years in the life of our beloved club, the logo was changed a few times.

In the beginning...the logo was nothing more than the picture of a player in the Ajax strip. In the issue of Clubnieuws of september 20, 1928 a new clublogo was introduced: The head of the Greek hero Ajax already on the porcelain plate that was made for the 25th anniversary in 1925. For a picture of that logo look below (left) or click here (5k GIF).

For almost 65 years the logo remained unchanged. In 1990 the club decided to change the logo once again. The reason this time was a quite trivial one: The old logo was, due to its complex lines, not very easy to exploit commercially. It was therefore that a new logo was designed by an advertising agency. The result can be seen below (right), or right here (4k GIF).

This logo is currently still being used. The original AJAX head is still very much recognisable, only in a more abstract way. It consists of eleven lines, symbolising the eleven players of a football team.