It was September of 1984, when a young 18 year old fan of the 'Tulip Country' decided to crown his dream in a closet: 'To go to Holland'.
After a long trip by train that had been in his mind since 1979, he finally arrived in Amsterdam to watch a game of the Dutch Championship; a game with a 'legendary jersey' in white with red stripes.
Of that historical 'grand' Crujiff's team there was literally nothing left, in this time especially..... Ajax was but a shadow of the past. The level of soccer being played, though abundant in goals, was technically very low; and if this wasn't enough, after 20 minutes of agonized play in heavy rain, the game was suspended. So for this long awaited game for a young man from Italy, the encounter Ajax-Fortuna Sittard was a somewhat discouraging intitiation to becoming an Ajax fan.
But something, that is stil today hard to explain, had been triggered in an unbreakable passion; enough to assure other trips (often solitary) to Amsterdam.
An example? In 1985, Ajax-Dan Bosch 4-1, in 1986 Ajax-Olympiakos 4-0 and the year after Ajax-Dundalk 4-0, not bad huh?
Maybe it was the results, more than satisfactory, or maybe the kind of craziness born in each and every one of us; in 1987, this infamous young kid ( that was already 21 years old) decided to found what seemed at the time a game born of a dare, that was destined to become a reality (almost legendary.....) that has celebrated it's 10th anniversary, the 'AJAX CLUB BOLOGNA'.

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